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Emiratfamiljer uppmuntrar flickor att ta del av " the beautiful game"


...News from UAE Football Association only recently pledged its commitment in developing the women’s game across the Emirates. And officials will surely be encouraged at seeing an increasing number of Emirati girls out on the pitch.

The women’s seven-a-side tournament, part of the Armed Forces Officers Club Ramadan Sports Festival in Abu Dhabi, for example, had a strong Emirati presence in the form of three teams.

Dubai-based Al Shabab was one of them and though they bowed out to a solid Jordan team at the semi-final stage, their performance told a convincing story.

“All the girls love to play football,” said Hamda Al Shamsi, manager of ladies sports at Al Shabab who gave her views on the changing trend of a society which once frowned upon the sight of an Emirati girl clad in shorts, running about on the field....